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My name is Ása Johannesen, but most English speakers know me simply as Freya. I’m currently a second year PhD student at the University of Leeds in England where I study the foraging behaviour of sticklebacks. My main interests are olfactory foraging and prey aggregation. However, I believe I shall post about lots of different things on this blog, as I think my field of study is probably too narrow for most people.

I have had another blog previously, which I wrote in Faroese. I couldn’t keep it going, so I hope I’ll do better this time. Whereas before the incentive was purely personal, with this blog I hope to gain some communications skill and hopefully learn something new about behavioural ecology or even just research in general.

Below are my publications (pre-print) as they become available:

Johannesen, A., Dunn, A.M. & Morrell, L.J. (2012) Olfactory cue use by three-spined sticklebacks foraging in turbid water: prey detection or prey location? Animal Behaviour, 84, 151–158.

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